How to Settings V2Ray Application If Force Close

Blog.Fastssh.comV2Ray is a new type of VPN using a protocol called VMess. VMess is the main protocol used to communicate between servers and clients. This article will discuss problems with the v2ray application, one of which is Force Close, Then How to Settings V2Ray Application If Force Close?

Problems with the v2ray application often disconnect itself or force close, this usually often occurs on Android with low specification types. Therefore we will try to provide a solution for this problem.

Before proceeding to the tutorial, for those of you who don’t understand how to use V2ray, you can read the article that we shared earlier.

How to Use V2ray on Android

The article below explains in full how you can use V2Ray.

How to Settings V2Ray Application If Force Close

To overcome the V2Ray application, often force close and suddenly disappear while in use, you can follow the steps below:


Open settings on your Android then select battery & performance.

Setting Android

Setting Android

Choose App battery saver.

Setting Android

Look for the V2Ray FastSSH application. Tap on the V2Ray FastSSH app.

How to Settings V2Ray Application If Force Close

Finally select “No restrictions“.

How to Settings V2Ray Application If Force Close

Tap the sign again and the setting is complete.

Some types of Android may have different settings, you just have to look for it in the settings menu on your Android, in essence we are maximizing the use of the V2ray application so as not to force close.

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By following the tutorial that we have shared above, your V2Ray application should no longer Force Close or Disconnect.

Using V2Ray aims to change your IP address so that you can easily open blocked sites. Besides that, V2ray can also make your internet connection faster!

Using V2Ray can also be used for free internet tricks, such as changing a certain package quota to become the main quota or regular quota.