— This article will explain to you How to Use a Surfboard on Android. Please refer to this article until it’s finished and make sure nothing has been missed step by step. Surfboard is […] – How to Create A .ktr Configuration File for KPNTunnel – KPNTunnel adalah server proxy seluler dengan kemampuan untuk mengubah permintaan dan mengakses situs web yang diblokir di belakang firewall dengan dukungan SSH. Dikembangkan oleh […] – How to Hotspot Tethering HTTP Injector to PC – If you are a free internet user, then you will be familiar with the name HTTP Injector application, but do you want to share your […] – How to Create A .ehi Configuration File for HTTP Injector – HTTP Injector is a mobile proxy server with the ability to modify requests and access blocked websites behind a firewall with SSH support. […] – How to Use the KPN Tunnel – KPN Tunnel is a media application which you can use for SSH or SSL. This application is generally used as a free internet trick. Some of […]– How to Use V2Ray in HTTP Injector – V2Ray is a new type of VPN using a protocol called VMess. VMess is the main protocol used to communicate between servers and clients. Similar to […]

Using a speedtest on linux will require a python, so we need to install python first Ubuntu: apt-get install python -y Centos yum install python -y   then copy-paste the following command one by one […]