How to Use PingTunnel on Windows

How to Use PingTunnel on Windows

Blog.FastSSH.comPingTunnel is a tool that allows to send packets to a proxy server using ICMP (ping protocol). The proxy server then reassembles the TCP/UDP traffic and forwards it to its intended destination via ICMP traffic for forwarding. Pingtunnel allows TCP network connections to remote hosts using ICMP ECHO Requests and Reply Packets, or commonly known as ping requests & replies. Here is an overview of How to Use PingTunnel on Windows works:

In principle ptunnel a.k.a ping tunnel proxy is the same as ssh tunnel. Why? because that ptunnel also uses an ssh proxy, it’s just that ptunnel uses the icmp package for ssh connections.

How to Use PingTunnel on Windows

Please follow these steps to use PingTunnel on PC / Computer.

1. Download the Pingtunnel-QT & Proxifier App

The first step you have to do is download the 2 applications above in 1 package (archive)
You can download the application via the link below:

2. Create a Pingtunnel Account

To create a Pingtunnel account, you can visit the website then select the Bypass & Tunnels menu.

How to Use PingTunnel on Windows

Select PingTunnel.

Check im not a robot. Wait a few seconds until there is a tick, then click show server.

Wait a few seconds, then the pingtunnel account will appear.

3. Run and Connect PingTunnel App

Above, you have downloaded the pingtunnel application for windows and have created a pingtunnel account on the site.

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Extract File Pingtunnel + Proxifier, right click then extract here

Then open the Pingtunnel + Proxifier folder and right click then Run As Administrator the Pingtunnel-qt.exe file

After that, we enter the Pingtunnel account that was created earlier into the pingtunnel-qt application, which we need to enter only 2 columns, namely:

  • Server
  • Key

Fill in the 2 columns according to the account you have created, an example can be seen in the picture below:

How to Use PingTunnel on Windows

Then after entering the account, click GO at the bottom of the pingtunnel-qt application

How to Use PingTunnel on Windows

If a Windows Security Alert appears, Click Allow Access

Next, open the Proxifier application, enter the Pingtunnel + Proxifier folder, then open proxifier.exe

How to Use PingTunnel on Windows

And lastly, test browsing, if the traffic proxifier is running, then pingtunnel is already connected.

How to Use PingTunnel on Windows

To make sure again whether it is connected correctly, you can open the site to check your IP address.


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