How to Get a Squid Proxy Server — How to Get a Squid Proxy Server? This article will explain completely but briefly so that it will be easier to implement.

Squid is a program aka complimentary software (free programming) with a GPL license (GNU General Public License) which is designed to be useful as a web intermediary and web storage. Squid also does the benefit of storing DNS.

When you are using free internet tricks, sometimes you need this Squid Proxy. Config Android or Inject PC for free internet tricks sometimes requires Squid Proxy so that free tricks can run properly.

How to Get a Squid Proxy Server?

For those of you who want to find a free Squid Proxy from an SSH, VPN or Softether server you can visit the site then click the Proxy Server menu.

How to Get a Squid Proxy Server

The site provides many Squid Proxy servers from various countries, you can choose them according to your needs.

Free Squid Proxy

Click the Page Menu to see all the Squid Proxy Servers on the site.

Free Squid Proxy

Determine the SquidProxy that you will create.

Free Squid Proxy

Free Squid Proxy

Enter the SSH or VPN Host that you have converted to IP, then check i’m not a robot.

To convert Host to IP you can do it at the link below:

Free Proxy

Scroll down a little and then click GRANT ACCESS TO THIS IP ADDRESS.

Free Proxy

Wait a few seconds then the Squid Proxy that you created will immediately appear along with the Proxy Squid information that you have created such as the active period of the Squid Proxy and the Squid Proxy Port that you created.

Free Proxy

Tutorial for Create a Squid proxy is complete.

Example of using Squid Proxy in the HTTP Injector application

using Squid Proxy in the HTTP Injector


By applying the tutorial that we have shared above, you can make Squid Proxy from various countries for free. Hope this helps you!

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