How to Use VPN Game on Android

How to Use VPN Game on Android –  Using a VPN to play online games aims to get a more stable connection and have very low latency. This article will explain in full but briefly How to Use VPN Game on Android.

With so many gamers in our lineup, we know how important a VPN is for safe and hassle-free gaming. As VPN experts, we also realize that not all service providers offer the performance you want.

We have tested many VPNs to compare and to find the best performing VPNs, especially VPNs for online gaming. The test results we got were the VPN Game from

FastSSH designed a new application specifically for games on Android using the UDP protocol combined with a private server, so that the connection is more stable and has very low latency.

How to Use VPN Game on Android

The first thing you have to do is create a VPN Game account on the FastSSH website.

Create a VPN Account For Online Gaming

Visit to create a dedicated VPN account for games for free. Or more details via this link:

How to Use VPN Game on Android

Choose the server you want, Indonesia, Singapore and Argentina Servers. Then click create VPN account.

VPN game Indonesia, Singapore and Argentina Servers

Enter your Username, Password then create a VPN Game account.

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Free VPN game Account

The VPN Game account has been successfully created along with your account’s active period information.

Free VPN game Account

Create account VPN Game done.

Install the Certificate VPN Game

The certificate is installed according to the server you are using, for example you are using a Singapore server, then the certificate that is installed is also Singapore.

Certificate VPN

Tap Certificate Installer.

Enter your mobile password or fingerprint.

Give the name of the certificate up to you.

Successful install certificate. There will be a notification like the image below.

Certificate VPN

Install Certificate VPN Game done.

Install the VPN Game FastSSH Application

Open the Play Store then search for FastSSH Game VPN.

You can also get this application through the FastSSH website.

VPN game fastssh

Input and Settings of the VPN Game Account to VPN Game Application

Open the VPN Game application then enter the Host / Server, Username and Password for the VPN Game account.

VPN game for free internet


You can also use VPN Game for free internet tricks. By adding SNI / BugHost before the VPN Game Host / Server. As in the example in the image below.

VPN game for free internet


Setting VPN Game done.

Connect VPN Game Aplication

Connect the VPN Game by TAP TO CONNECT.

VPN Game successfully connects properly.

Connect VPN Game Aplication

Tutorial VPN Game done.


Using VPN Games aims to get you a lower ping when you play online games. In addition, you can also change your IP address so that you can easily open blocked sites.

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